Pegasus. Lawyer fighting to free Latifa was also spied


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Human rights activist David Haigh — involved in the release of Princess Latifa — is the first British victim of espionage confirmed through Israeli software Pegasus.

British lawyer and human rights activist David Haigh, who is fighting for the release of Princess Latifa, daughter of Dubai Emir Sheikh Mohammed, has joined the long list of people who have gone. peeks through the network of spyware Pegasus.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, which cites a forensic analysis carried out by Amnesty International, Haigh’s phone is said to have been compromised and his calls were intercepted by the spyware network on 3 and 4 August last year.

The lawyer thus becomes the first confirmed British victim of that software and asked Boris Johnson’s government to carry out an investigation on UK soil, as this attack amounts to “state-sponsored harassment.”

According to the same publication, it is suspected that the attack was ordered by Dubai, as Haigh was linked to the movement. “Free Latifa” (“Free Lafifa”, in free translation) and to the 35-year-old princess herself.

The British lawyer said he was “horrified” to realize that his cell phone was ‘caught’ in the spy network, after a year and a half of secret calls with Latifa, who remains in prison by order of her father.

In addition, the cell phone had ddozens of messages and videos from the princess Latifa, who had obtained a phone and made some recordings in the bathroom, the only place where she can remain behind closed doors where she is cloistered, said Haigh.

“The police have threatened me that I will be in prison my whole life and that I will never see the sun again,” said Princess Latifa, in one of those videos, which were released by BBC in February, at the initiative of the “Free Latifa” campaign.

The British lawyer also told the The Guardian that suddenly lost contact with Latifa, just at the time her cell phone was intercepted.

In 2019, Latifa wrote to British police asking them to investigate the case of her sister Shamsa, kidnapped in England more than twenty years ago.

David Haigh was also supporting the legal team at princess Haya, wife of Sheikh Mohammed, in the legal battle against the emir of Dubai for the custody of minor children, which continues to take place in English courts.

However, the UAE has already reacted to the accusations, claiming that all the news that the government was responsible for the attack on hacking were false.

“As allegations made in recent reports in the press stating that the UAE is among several countries accused of alleged surveillance of journalists and individuals has no evidential basis and are categorically false“, underlined the government of the UAE in a statement issued last week.

Manufactured by the NSO Group of Israel, the Pegasus is a powerful system of spyware surveillance system that is licensed only to governments for the purpose of combating terrorism or organized crime, capable of intercepting all the contents of a mobile phone and functioning as a surveillance device.

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