‘People are obsessed,’ says André Marinho about dinner speculation with Temer – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Morning Show, the comedian stated that the get-together was a meeting of several tribes: ‘They are giving an overestimated importance’

Reproduction/Young PanAndré Marinho, a comedian who appears at a dinner with Michel Temer, was the guest of this Wednesday, 15th, on the Morning Show program

This Wednesday, the 15th, the program Morning Show, gives Young pan, it received André Marinho, comedian who appears imitating Jair Bolsonaro at a dinner with the former president Michel Temer in a video that went viral on the internet. In an interview, he stated that the meeting was not intended to articulate an impeachment against the president. “It was a repercussion that exceeded expectations, but in fact people are always obsessed with having a broad reading of what was a simple fraternization around the peacemaker Michel Temer, who played the role of conciliation. It was not a dinner for big joints in the halls of the aristocracy, the ‘illuminati’ gathered at a table to defeat Bolsonaro, it was a meeting of several tribes. If it was a dinner around an articulation to promote an impeachment, the Kassab, which was from the impeachment thesis before the 7th, has now positioned itself with a ‘not quite like that’.”

Marinho stated that, despite the leak of the video, he did not imagine that the recording would have been made by Elsinho Mouco, Temer’s marketer, could reverberate in large proportions. “That wasn’t even under consideration, at least on my part. It’s natural for people, who maybe have an urge, the damn little finger, to divulge to a best friend, from best friend to best friend, in trust, you know what it is. The aesthetics are too seductive for theses like this to end up being floated, but I really guarantee that they are attributing an overestimated importance, it wasn’t for that. In fact, I imitate President Bolsonaro in all my interactions. Trying to attribute it to me, with my background as an imitator, does not correspond with the truth. Humor is subversive, humor is contestation, it hurts whoever it hurts.”

The comedian also commented on the repercussion of the acts called by the MBL, Come to the street and third way politicians, which took place last Sunday, 12, in which he participated. According to André Marinho, the low participation of the public does not change the critical economic scenario of the Brazil. “I try to be objectively guided by what happened, in fact it was empty. The fact is that Brazil continues with the economy in tatters, with the government aimless, submissive to the STF, with chronic problems. Brazilians in general are disbelieving and hopeless with politics, especially with the frustration of stagnant social reforms and advances. Generally speaking, Brazilians do not want to get involved. The late change, trying to bring various political colorations, people do not feel represented by such a broad mix. In the absence of a name, Brazilians do not vote for a party, they vote for names, while they do not have a name to catalyze these forces, there will not be a consensus. If the third way gets stuck thinking there’s going to be a massive popular outcry to anoint a specific name, it won’t. Even Moro, who would perhaps have the best thesis, you don’t see him having a passionate defense of his own legacy.”

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