Permission to go without a mask in the city of Rio should start in 10 days, says Paes – Prime Time Zone


Mayor released a document on the next stages of the reopening phase, in which release in open places and without agglomerations is pointed out; situation is conditioned to the vaccination schedule covering 65% of the population

ANDRE MELO ANDRADE/IMMAGINI/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – 03/11/2021Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), says he follows the city’s Scientific Committee to take the gradual reopening decisions

The mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pais (PSD), stated on social networks last Monday, April 4, that he believes that the municipality should reach a new stage in the phase of reopening in the pandemic of Covid-19 on October 15th, in which the population will be relieved of the use of protective masks against the new coronavirus in open spaces and without crowds. The minutes of the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the City Hall, held in August, point out other advances foreseen for the next stage, which can be reached in 10 days, such as “opening of discos, nightclubs and venues for concerts and parties”.

On Twitter, Paes released the document and noted his expectations: “Below are the minutes of the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the City Hall on August 9, where the premises for the gradual reopening of the city were defined. Note the highlighted part in Yellow: We believe that we will reach the second stage on October 15th and the third stage on November 15th”. According to the document, when the city has 65% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, which is expected to happen, according to the mayor, in 10 days, there will be:

* Permission to hold events in open places, with a restriction of up to one thousand people with mandatory mask use;

* Opening of discos, nightclubs, concert halls and parties in closed places only for people with a complete vaccination schedule and with 50% of the room’s capacity;

* Disengagement from the use of masks in open places without crowding, maintaining their mandatory use where it is not possible to maintain distance.

The next step, which Paes said he believes the city can reach by Nov. 15, further relaxes the rules and should take place when 75% of the population is immunized. At that time, according to the document, masks should only be mandatory in hospital environments and public transport. In addition, “free movement without restriction of capacity and distance” will be allowed. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro highlighted that the Scientific Committee of the city, which thought about the strategies listed in the document, is composed of two former ministers of health, a former national secretary of health surveillance, representatives of UFRJ, UERJ, UNIRIO and FIOCROSS. “They are the ones who give the command here together with the secretary [municipal de saúde] Daniel Soranz. My comments are always based on what the Scientific Committee decides. It’s either to follow the science or it’s not. I follow,” said Paes.