Personalized medicine for the treatment of lung cancer is already a reality in Brazil – Prime Time Zone


Research results allow for the detailing of tumor cells and, consequently, the development of strategies for each patient

Sharon McCutcheon/UnsplashPill therapy is already used to fight lung cancer

Science has innovated the way to treat different types of cancer, seeking approaches that consider much more than just the place of origin. When talking about lung cancer, advances are significant, with different approaches to fighting the disease. Personalized medicine, for example, is a more accurate treatment option. The results of the research carried out already allow for details of tumor cells, so that treatment strategies can be developed for each patient. It is as if the tumor started to have surnames, not just the name. It is important to remember that some factors are considered by the physician, such as size, location, stage of the cancer and if the patient has other diseases. “Lung cancer is a great example for personalized medicine. It’s what we call precision oncology. Therapy with pills, for example, is already a reality”, says oncologist Luiz Henrique Araújo, a researcher at the Inca (National Cancer Institute) and the COI Institute (Integrated Oncology Center).

It is important to raise awareness about lung cancer, ways to prevent it, the importance of early diagnosis and types of treatment. The disease causes the death of more than 30,000 people every year, in Brazil alone, according to the Inca. Institute data point 30,200 new cases (17,760 in men and 12,440 in women) annually. Quitting smoking, warns Araújo, is the most effective way to prevent against cancer from lung. Amgen Brasil supports actions that increase knowledge about the disease. To learn more about the topic, follow the “Youth Pan Health Bulletins” on Spotify and Deezer. Anyone who has the Alexa virtual assistant can also access the contents. Just give the command voice: “Alexa, play Pan Young Health Bulletin”.

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