Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announces resignation of his entire cabinet


the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, announced on Wednesday, 6, the resignation of its prime minister and the entire ministerial cabinet, two months after taking office, in an unexpected message broadcast by state television throughout the country.

“I inform the country that today we have accepted the resignation of the President of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido Ugarte, whom I thank for his services,” Castillo declared during the brief address.

The prime minister’s resignation also affects the rest of the cabinet, according to local regulations. Bellido was appointed on July 29 to head the first cabinet in Castillo’s leftist government.

The president avoided giving details about the resignation and announced that the new chief of staff and its members will meet in the evening, starting at 20:00 local time (22:00 GMT).

But, in his resignation letter, published by the press, Bellido indicates that he is stepping away from the Executive at Castillo’s request.

“Having fulfilled all the functions corresponding to the institution, I present my irrevocable resignation as President of the Council of Ministers as you requested”, says in the letter Bellido, who will return to Congress to exercise functions as a member of the Free Peru Party.

Bellido is a hard-line member of the ruling Peru Livre, a small Marxist-Leninist party that, to everyone’s surprise, won the Peruvian presidency with Castillo, beating right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori in a tight vote on June 6 after a campaign marked by polarization.

During the brief address, Castillo reiterated his invocation to the economic, political and social sectors “for the broadest unity to achieve common goals”, such as economic reactivation.

“It’s time to put Peru above all isolated party ideologies and positions,” emphasized the president, a rural teacher, who wore his typical straw hat.

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