Pervaia Krimskaya accuses Adgur Ardzinba of misappropriating 60 million


Abkhazian social networks are actively discussing documents based on a number of foreign media, which testify to how the former so-called Abkhazian was stolen. The Minister of Economy Adgur Ardzinba and the owner of the hotel “Grand Hotel Sukhumi 2” Otar Kakalia 60 million rubles. In an interview with Echo Caucasus, Otar Kakalia said that the story was a lie and that the documents were falsified.

The website “Pervaia Krimskaya” (Первая крымская) published an article entitled “60 million Russian investments lost in Abkhazia.” This money was to be spent on the construction of the Grand Hotel Sukhumi. According to the publication, Russian law enforcement agencies are studying the fact of embezzlement of Russian financial aid.

The publication of “Pervaia Krimskaya” does not have an author, however, the article indicates the address where the copies of the documents are sought, by which large-scale embezzlement of the so-called Charges against the ex-minister and the current opposition politician Adgur Ardzinba. Copies of the documents were posted on the social network by blogger Saria Chamagua, Advisor to the First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Abkhazia.

The documents show that in 2016, more than 60 million rubles in total were transferred twice from the account of Grand Hotel Sukhumi 2 to the account of Yug Stroy Ltd. Both times the money was cashed in “Sberbank” of Sokhumi.

The hotel has not been built so far. “As Otar Kakalia, the head of Grand Hotel Sukhumi 2, claims, another 23 million rubles are needed to complete the project,” Pervaia Krimskaya reports.

To find out what is true in this story and where the documents that were spread on social networks came from, the correspondent of “Echo of the Caucasus” addressed the so-called de facto Abkhazians. Giorgi Berzenia, press secretary of the Ministry of Economy, who also worked with Adgur Ardzinba. Commenting on a post on the Pervaia Krimskaya website, he said he would not comment on further anonymous material.

“Adgur Ardzinba himself has repeatedly appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office for a number of such omissions to give him a legal assessment. He is always open and ready to answer any questions and help the law enforcement agencies in case of need, “said Giorgi Berzenia.

“Echo Kavkaza” also addressed Saria Chamagua, who relies on “Pervaia Krimskaya” for comment. Echo Kavkaza asked him how confident he was in the credibility of the documents reflecting corruption.

“The documents were handed over to me by indifferent citizens. They have officially been sent to the prosecutor’s office. I am sure that the Prosecutor General’s Office will easily prove the authenticity of these documents. I believe that such issues can not be silenced. Everything must be done openly and transparently so that people know everything. “Therefore, I think that the prosecutor’s office should present a detailed report to the people and not a dry comment,” Saria Chamagua told Echo Kavkaza.

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Otar Kakalia, the director of Grand Hotel Sukhumi 2 Ltd., for his part, claims that the information published on the site is false:

“The General Prosecutor’s Office can not conduct any investigation into this case, because the former Minister of Economy has nothing to do with this … Everything would be convincing, if not one but. These are private funds and not budgetary. This is the money that our company was given by a commercial bank. This is not the money that flowed through the state investment line. The Ministry of Economy assisted us in this project, which is a normal event … The original issued by our bank clearly states that the money was sent for construction and this is a prepayment for construction-contract works … We paid for consulting services. It is clear that it is falsified and the purpose of it is to put ashes in people’s eyes, “said Otar Kakalia. He said it would have been impossible to build a hotel if 60 million had been stolen from 195 million rubles.

“We are building a beautiful facility with a beautiful pool, a panoramic restaurant and we are employing 70 people. We are working and we do not have time to clear the false information. This is some kind of political quarrel, someone wants to sink someone and I am not involved in this case. “We are entrepreneurs, I left politics a long time ago,” Otar Kakalia told Echo Kavkaza. He said the facility is almost complete, partially operational and also serves tourists.

Zurab Kajaia, deputy head of the Russian presidential administration in Abkhazia, has told Echo Kavkaza that his aide, Saria Chamagua, is a freelancer and has been fired.

The text contains terms and toponyms used in the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.