Pfizer and Moderna raise the price of their covid vaccines in Europe


The pharmacists Pfizer e Modern increased the prices of covid-19 vaccine through an agreement with the European Union, as revealed this Sunday (1) the Financial Times, which had access to the contract.

The price of Pfizer’s vaccine increased from 15.50 euros (18.39 dollars) to 19.50 euros (23.14 dollars) per unit and that of Moderna, from 19 (22.50 dollars) to 21.50 euros ( 25.50 dollars), according to the British financial newspaper.

This is happening in a full increase in cases in Europe because of the Delta variant, against which the American Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should be effective to prevent severe forms of the disease, according to the first studies.

Contacted by AFP, the European Commission declined to make a statement after this disclosure. The pharmacists didn’t react either.

Brussels has always been opposed to revealing the price of its orders for the immunizing agent, although in December a Belgian minister revealed on Twitter, before deleting shortly thereafter, a report that indicated the price promised per unit by the EU: 1.78 euros (2 .11 dollars) for the AstraZeneca vaccine and 18 dollars for the Moderna vaccine.

In May, the EU struck a new contract with Pfizer/BioNTech to buy 1.8 billion doses of its covid-19 vaccine by 2023, but did not say a price.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in July that she has achieved her goal of having enough doses to vaccinate 70% of European adults (336 million people).

The European countries’ joint vaccine purchasing program bought 330 million doses of vaccine from Pfizer, 100 million from AstraZeneca, 50 million from Moderna and 20 million from Johnson & Johnson.

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