Pfizer completes delivery of 100 million doses of vaccine to Brazil – Prime Time Zone


A second contract signed in May 2021 provides for more doses to be delivered between the months of October and December

ROBERTO CASIMIRO/FOTOArena/ESTADÃO CONTENTBy the end of 2021, another 100 million doses of Pfizer are expected to be delivered to Brazil

Brazil received over 4 million doses of the immunizing agent from Pfizer against a covid-19 this Sunday, 03. The batches were produced in two factories in the United States (USA) and a third in Europe and landed at Viracopos airport, in Campinas (SP), coming from four different flights. After the verification and release process, the cargo was sent under escort to the Ministry of Health distribution center in Guarulhos. This is the second largest shipment received in a single day. With the arrival of this batch, Brazil accounts for 100 million doses received by the American pharmaceutical. According to the signed agreement, the company should have completed the delivery of immunizing agents by September 30th. In a statement, Pfizer claimed that it treats this period as “another logistical week” and that the delay does not compromise the delivery of the vaccine. A second contract with the drugmaker, signed on May 14, provides for another 100 million vaccines between October and December.

*With information from reporter Caterina Achutti