Police arrest ‘Gatinha da Cracolândia’ for dealing drugs in downtown SP – Prime Time Zone


A 19-year-old drug dealer was arrested in Barueri during an operation to disrupt the sale of narcotics in the capital of São Paulo; she confessed involvement with crime

Lo Bauer/Instagram/Photo MontageLorraine was arrested for drug trafficking in São Paulo

A 19-year-old girl known as the “Gatinha da Cracoland” was arrested this Thursday, 22, in the city of Barueri, in Grande São Paulo, on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking in downtown São Paulo. Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro was the main target of “Operation Charontes”. During investigations, the police he recorded the moment when, alongside her boyfriend, a young woman traded drugs in the middle of the flow of cracolândia in broad daylight. She was found at her boyfriend’s house, who had already been arrested in the act for the same crime, confessed to being involved in the drug trade and told the police the place where he kept the illegal substances he sold in the capital: a land next to a hotel in the city. Helvetica Street.

At the scene, police found a backpack with 85 portions of marijuana, 295 portions of cocaine and 8 portions of crack, in addition to a perfume launcher, ecstasy, precision scale, R$750 in cash, a cell phone, an ax and a knife. All drugs were forwarded to the city’s Criminalistics Institute and will be examined. As the land on which the drugs were found would be used by hotel guests and drug dealers in the region to hide drugs, the police booked the local doorman in flagrante delicto and took the owner of the establishment to the police station to testify for crimes against property. “Gatinha da Cracolândia” is popular on social networks and has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, but has not operated the account for over a month. This Thursday, it was possible to see a series of comments questioning her choice for trafficking. “Do these people go on Instagram as poor or black drug dealers asking for empathy? This is selective empathy,” said one of the people. “You’re going to dance in jail now,” said another follower. She was arrested in the act and is on the 89th DP of Barueri.