Police officer dies after accident on frozen track in the interior of Santa Catarina – Prime Time Zone


A vehicle in which PM from the municipality of Anita Garibaldi, in Serra Santa Catarina, was hit by a car that lost control because of ice on the SC-390

SC Military Police/DisclosurePoliceman has been with the corporation since 1992

One policeman 49-year-old military officer identified as Gilmar Antunes de Córdoba died this Thursday morning, 29, after the vehicle in which he was with fellow officers collided head-on with another car on a frozen lane on SC-390, near the municipality of Anita Garibaldi, in the Serra de Santa Catarina. A couple who were in the other vehicle and three other police officers who were in the vehicle with Gilmar were rescued with minor injuries to hospitals in the region. The policeman died instantly. According to the Fire Department of the city of Lages, which helped the victims, the frozen lane caused the car occupied by the couple to lose control, invade the opposite lane and collide with the vehicle. In a statement, PMSC lamented the death of the police officer, who had joined the corporation in 1992 and was active in the police car in the municipality of Anita Garibaldi. All police officers involved in the accident were on the scale of Operation Winter in the region.