Policeman saves life of unconscious child in New York; watch video – Young Pan


Action taken by the officer to help two-year-old boy was recorded by the server’s body camera in the Brooklyn neighborhood

NYPDNews/TwItter/Video PlaybackPoliceman gave the boy a heart massage until he regained consciousness

the police of Nova York, US USA, released on Monday, 13, a video that shows the rescue made by a state official to a two-year-old child in the neighborhood of Brooklyn. In the images, recorded by the policeman’s body camera at the end of August, it is possible to see the boy’s family opening a car door and the mother handing her unconscious son into the security guard’s arm, called just “DeLeon” in the publication. He begins giving the child a cardiorespiratory massage as passersby and the boy’s relatives crowd around the scene. Within seconds, the child starts to cry. “He’s breathing,” says the officer after saving the boy. “Following the training, he quickly administered the child’s massage and saved her life,” the police said in a statement. The reason the boy was unconscious was not disclosed in the statement. See the action video below: