Portugal suspends Janssen’s vaccine batch after alleged adverse effects in 20 people – Prime Time Zone


The country launched an investigation to analyze whether doses of the immunizing agent have any connection with fainting registered in about 20 patients

EFE / EPA / SANDER KINGVaccine batch has been suspended in Portugal

The National Medicines Authority of Portugal suspended on Wednesday, 14, a batch of single-dose vaccines from Janssen applied in the Mafra region after a sequence of “adverse effects” in more than 20 people who took the immunizing agent from the same batch. They reportedly had fainting episodes, according to the local press. In a statement, Infarmed said that so far no suspected defect in the quality of the drug batch has been reported in other vaccination centers, but said that analyzes would be done on the immunizers. “Infarmed decided to start a process of quality investigation of the remaining units of the vaccine at that vaccination site, as well as suspend this batch until the necessary investigations are completed”, says an excerpt of the document released by the agency.

The amount of suspended doses was not informed by Infarmed, but the measure generated some changes in the country’s local vaccination plan, which today administers immunizations in people over 40 years old without prior appointment. Vaccines from the same batch applied elsewhere in the country have not had any adverse effect on patients. Local data estimate that 42% of Portuguese are fully immunized against Covid-19 and 60% of them have taken at least the first dose of vaccines so far. Portugal has registered 17,182 deaths and 916,559 cases of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.