Preparing for the second round – who will circle the 5th?


According to Radio Liberty, the main purpose of the meetings is to mobilize support around the opposition candidates, agree on ways of assistance and introduce shadow coalition governments in the self-governing cities.

By October 30, the main task of the opposition, including in the big cities, is to win the post of mayor. In the second round, several major opposition parties have declared their public readiness to support all opposition candidates, some even thinking again. There is a clear refusal from the party of former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.

To join forces

In the struggle for mayor of a self-governing city / self-governing community In 20 to 17 casesThe rival of the Georgian Dream is the National Movement. In 5 of these 17 cases, UNM candidates have higher scores than the ruling party candidate.

One such city is Kutaisi, where UNM member Khatia Dekanoidze has a 43.34% vote share, while his Georgian Dream rival has received 41.45% of the vote.

“We are preparing for the victory. It is very important for the big cities to show the Georgian Dream that they do not want it to be in power. We will have a coalition statement and we have consultations with all opposition forces. We hope for support …

Consultations will also be on coordinated actions for the second round. We had coordination during the first round and that is why we showed such a high result ” – Dekanoidze tells us.

According to Radio Liberty, NM chairman and mayoral candidate Nika Melia is working on a plan to select coalition government candidates in consultation with opposition parties.

It is said in the UN that the so-called The shadow government, with a diverse composition of parties, will be represented in 5 self-governing cities – (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti, Rustavi).

Melia had this idea even before the first round, but then only joined forces With several parties Managed. Elene Khoshtaria, the leader of “Droa” was nominated as the chairperson of the Sakrebulo by this union, and Tsotne Koberidze, the representative of “Girchi – More Freedom” was nominated as the vice-mayor.

Coordinating parties in the first round failed to name common candidates everywhere in the first round, as was the case, for example, with the UNM and European Georgia.

Today, “European Georgia” avoids talking about a coalition, but the chairman of the party, Giga Bokeria, clearly calls on voters to vote for opposition candidates in the second round. According to the CEC, this party received 1.18% in the elections in Tbilisi and 1.66% in Georgia.

Bokeria also considers voting for opposition candidates as a necessary condition for bringing the country closer to early elections.

“We call on all our supporters and all those who will vote for us that it is principled to come now (to the elections) and vote against Ivanishvili’s regime, that is, to support the opposition candidates …

“Forcing early elections by peaceful means depends on the situation inside the country and international pressure … To get closer to this task, we need to go to the second rounds and defeat this regime in the mayoral and council elections in as many places as possible.” Said Giga Bokeria on October 6.

Experts consider mobilizing opposition-minded voters to be an easy task and a predictable process. According to them, circling the number 5 will not be an easy decision for some part of the voters of other parties.

As political scientist Gia Nodia tells us, leaders of supporting parties need to make it clear to their constituents that they support UNM candidates. “In this case, there will be no support for this party in particular, but it will be good for the country in general.”

Nodia believes that the main benefit of the victory of the opposition candidates is the strengthening of the belief among the citizens of Georgia that they have a voice and can elect a government candidate from many places through elections, which is so unusual for Georgia.

Georgian Dream responds to opposition activities with cynical statements. The leaders of the ruling party say that the second rounds will be won only by themselves everywhere and by 2024 the country will live in peace without elections.

Who supports it?

According to Radio Liberty, the support is fully maintained in the union formed before the first round, which included the parties of Giga Bokeria, Zurab Japaridze and Elene Khoshtaria together with the UNM.

The NM is now also supported by the parties that positioned themselves as predominantly the third force in the first round.

Has the highest rate of them – “Lelo” (in Tbilisi – 3.63%, in Georgia – 2.71%). The party said shortly after the first round that it would support all opposition candidates in the second round to “start change in the country.”

Saba Buadze, a member of the party’s political council, told RFE / RL’s Morning Talks that the support was a “necessary sacrifice” and served a specific purpose. “Some specific parts of the state seized by Ivanishvili should be stolen.”

Public support for the opposition candidates, even after the first round, was also voiced in a very short time “Third Force-Strategy Builder” (1.01% in Tbilisi, 1.34% in Georgia) .

The UNM did not mention it, but the party’s leader, Giorgi Vashadze, directly called on voters on August 6 to go to the polls and vote for the Georgian Dream’s rival candidates.

At the same time, Vashadze states that party representatives are active in the election commissions in the process of protecting the votes of the voters.

Who thinks?

The decision has not yet been made by the party “For the people”, Whose leader, Ana Dolidze took the fourth place in the fight for the mayor of the capital (4.59%).

The party formed in a few months has higher scores than many old parties in terms of party lists (2.57% in Tbilisi, 0.85% in Georgia).

Experts say it would be important for the opposition to support this party. However, according to Radio Liberty, the party will announce its decision next week, probably on Monday. Until then, he will try to hear the opinion of all party members and supporters.

The party intends to reach out to everyone by phone or social media.

Ana Dolidze has repeatedly called the decision “historic” these days and also said that the victory of the opposition at the self-government level could cause significant shifts in the country’s political life.

The decision is still being discussed In the Labor Party, Who Received 1.31% in Tbilisi and 1.38% in Georgia. One of the leaders of the party, Giorgi Gugava, did not tell us anything about the possible consultations with the UNM and promised us the final answer “these days”.

The position of the “Labor Party” was unequivocal and clear before the first round – no one, not even the “National Movement”, was consulted.

Who refuses?

Third Political Party Rejects Election Ratings – “For Georgia”, Whose leader – Giorgi Gakharia, received 9.35% in the battle for mayor.

After UNM, the party has the highest rates in the lists – In Tbilisi (8.86%) If the whole In Georgia (7.79%).

Gakharia says his party has “smart voters”; It is well understood that the “Georgian Dream” of 2021 resembled the “National Movement” of 2012, and therefore, Vertski fulfills their calls.

“We can not and will not tell them, we will not insult them to tell them – to support any of them …

The reason is very simple – the very fact that they supported us, it directly indicates that this voter has renounced radicalization and the two radical political forces that create the illusion of fighting each other and take the country back to the past. “ – says Gakharia.

Nika Melia thinks that the supporters of Gakharia “are not tied to a rope” and like all people, his voters can make independent decisions.

During a visit to Pirveli TV on October 5, the UNM chairman said that, according to party polls, some voters had difficulty choosing between him and Gakharia. “Many voters were confused between Mr. Gakharia and me”Said Melia.

Melia also said that for the benefit of Tbilisi, he would like to work with Giorgi Gakharia’s party and would never make similar statements to Gakharia before the second round.

And finally...

The “Alliance of Patriots” plans to intensify. As the party leader, Irma Inashvili says, ““Process of handing over power to” National Movement “has started” And they do not turn a blind eye to it.

According to Inashvili, Bidzina Ivanishvili will release the currently imprisoned ex-president Saakashvili in about 6 weeks, and then, in 6 months, he will hand over power to the UNM.