‘President: work more and talk less’, criticizes Doria – Prime Time Zone


For the governor of São Paulo, Bolsonaro’s ‘inoperability and negationism’ would have influenced the death of 194,000 Brazilians during the pandemic

Marivaldo Oliveira / Estadão ContentsGovernor of São Paulo, Joao Doria was the first to decree quarantine and use of masks in the country

After President Jair Bolsonaro again criticized measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the traditional weekly live, the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, also used social media to criticize the president’s stance. “At a time when Brazil needs peace and attitudes to fight the pandemic and save lives, President Jair Bolsonaro attacks us once again, cowardly. The inoperability and negation of the government of this president, stimulated the death of 194 thousand Brazilians for Covid-19 “, wrote Doria on Twitter. In the same publication, the governor declared that “Bolsonaro really likes the smell of death, the smell of gunpowder and the smell of cracked money. President: work more and speak less ”.

On New Year’s Eve, during the traditional live broadcast on Thursdays, the president downplayed the importance of wearing masks and censored social isolation measures. “The mask does not protect anything. This is a fiction. When are we going to have people with courage, that I am not an expert on the subject, to say that the protection of the mask is a small percentage? The mask works for the doctor who is operating, the specific mask. Ours here, practically zero. What you see most out there is the guy with the mask all ‘greasy’. Even with a bad smell ”. Bolsonaro also defended that only risk groups are isolated. “With the economic team and a few more ministers, we managed to avoid chaos, but with this policy of closing the economy down, we can bring chaos here. This hell, this haunt is coming back due to the irresponsibility of closing everything, ”he said.