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Although Donald Trump has stepped down as President of the United States, there is still no consensus in China. Recently, leading Chinese furniture maker Hong Jinish proved this point once again. He still wants Trump to become a Buddhist saint. That’s why he made Trump statues. What do you think is the big deal if Trump makes statues? Hong Jinis made Trump a Buddhist.

Everyone knows that former US President Trump has a lot of hatred in China. However, the people there are of the opinion that he is still living with Korkela and uncertainty even after his resignation. That’s why Hung Jinish says he made idols as if Trump had become a Buddhist saint. “Usually in human culture as one gets older .. he wants to relax and live his life more high fun. But, it still looks like Trump is not in that direction. That is why I am making idols like this. ” They are saying.

There is a huge demand in China for these statues of Donald Trump in Buddhist costume meditating. These Trump statues, made fun Hong Jinish on a workshop track in the town of Dehua in Fujian Province six months ago, have gone mad in China. What’s more .. Now Hong Jinish is engaged in the same work. The Buddha is calm .. He did not want to create a statue by combining the two of Trump’s apathy.

So far, orders for 200 statues have been received from countries other than China. It took ten days to make the 16-cm (6.3-inch) statue. The statue is priced at 999 yuan ($ 152.22). Similarly the 46 cm statue is priced at 20000 yuan.

“I do not know if Trump has a chance to see these statues. Says Hong Jinish, the sculptor of these statues. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. In this way, one can get out of the predicament for prestige. If Trump gets into this policy, he can easily get out of the current situation. ” He also says.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in China.

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