Printed Voting Committee Listens to PF Experts on Security of the Electoral System – Prime Time Zone


Federal deputy Filipe Barros, rapporteur of the proposed change in the electoral system, evaluates the possibility of voting on the matter in June

Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) of the printed vote continues to advance from the National Congress. The proposal rapporteur intends to discuss with leaders of the Chamber of Deputies the possibility of voting on the matter in the month of June. Filipe Barros (PSL) participated in a public hearing and questioned the current audit of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). “Is it possible to say that there is, in fact, an audit? Is it possible to say that the system today is auditable with a negligible 0.010% of verifiable ballot boxes? ”, Asked the parliamentarian. Also present at the hearing, the expert in accounting expertise and auditor, Roger Maciel, assessed the control of elections. “It is auditable, it is possible to be audited. Is the sample significant? It is little. The ideal for a sample would be a percentage of 0.010% that is done today ”, he said. “Even though fraud has never been proven or that it can be considered very difficult, or even unlikely. From the point of view of information security, from the point of view of science that permeates this area of ​​knowledge, it is a fact that we cannot ignore ”, said the president of the National Association of Federal Criminal Experts, Marcos de Almeida Camargo, on the current security of electronic polls.

For the federal deputy Kicis Beer (PSL), author of the proposal, the printed vote is a request from the Brazilian population. “I believe that until recently, the Brazilian people had this feeling of security as well. Only today we see that the people no longer share that feeling of security. The people are crying out for a printed vote, ”he said. On the other hand, deputy Arlindo Chinaglia (PT) questioned the change. “We do not want accommodation, but if we go to the last consequences of the doubt, I would be authorized to have doubts about all the electoral results, even with the work of the Federal Police, even with the work of the auditors, even with the work of the Forces. Armed, who are invited, even with the work of the Public Ministry and political parties. So this is not reasonable, ”he said. For the printed vote to be implemented in the 2022 elections, the PEC must be approved by the Chamber and the Senate by the beginning of October, one year before the election, according to the electoral legislation.

* With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos