Protesters killed in Iran


Iran’s police opened fire on the street in the south-western part of Iran. Spread videos show that at least one person was killed after several days of rioting

A video released by the Human Rights News Agency shows a shooting in the epicenter of a recent protest in Shushangerd. A police officer throws a pistol into the air. Another shot is heard in the same video. Police officers move rapidly by motorcycle and protesters explain fire. The Associated Press reports similar information.

On Sunday, the deputy governor of Khukhestan admitted that at least one person had been killed during the riots. According to the government news agency, the high-ranking official blames the protesters for the death of the citizen. Iranian authorities often blame protesters for the death of a protester. Although a number of materials confirm the brutal ways of suppressing protests by the authorities.

The province of Khuzestan is home to an ethnic Arab population whose representatives have for years lamented discrimination and harassment by Iran’s Shiite theocratic government. The Arab separatists themselves are responsible for a number of attacks. This time, however, the protest is exacerbated by the water problem. The government links this to the drought.