Protesters try to invade Ministry of Health building; watch video – Young Pan


Confusion would have started after the president’s supporters spotted journalists working at the site; no one was arrested

Reproduction/TwitterProtesters tried to break into the folder building on Wednesday

A group of supporters of the president Jair Bolsonaro tried to invade the headquarters of Ministry of Health, in Brasília, this Wednesday, 8. The protesters were prevented from entering the building by security guards. The confusion would have started after the group saw journalists working at the site. A Record TV team claimed to have been cornered and threatened by protesters. In note, the Military police from the Federal District informed that there was no invasion and that no one was arrested. “The PMDF was called to verify a situation involving journalists and protesters. When he arrived at the scene, the situation was resolved”, he said. THE Young pan contacted the Ministry of Health and is awaiting their return. Watch the moment when protesters tried to break into the briefcase building: