Recordings implicate Bolsonaro in a cash embezzlement scheme – ZAP


Joedson Alves / EPA

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, participated in an alleged scheme to embezzle public money when he was a federal deputy, according to messages attributed to his former sister-in-law, named Andrea Siqueira Vale, released today by a news portal.

Audio recordings revealed by UOL point to the alleged involvement of Bolsonaro in an illegal scheme that consisted of return part of their advisors’ salary in exchange, they remain appointed in their former cabinet in the Chamber of Deputies, that is, embezzlement, a practice popularly known in Brazil by the name of ‘rachadinha’.

Andrea Siqueira Vale, sister of the second wife of the Brazilian President, Ana Cristina Vale, tells in an audio message that her brother André Valle “was a lot of trouble” to the family agreement for the alleged misuse of public money, because he never “returned the right money he had to be returned” to Jair Bolsonaro.

“I had to return 6 thousand [reais, cerca de mil euros na cotação atual], André returned 2 thousand [reais, 333 euros], 3 [mil reais ou 500 euros]. It was a long time before Jair [Bolsonaro] took it and said: Enough. You can take him out because he never gives me the right money back”, he said in one of the audio messages attributed to Andrea Siqueira Valle.

André Valle was Jair Bolsonaro’s advisor in the Chamber of Deputies between 2006 and 2007.

In another message, Andrea Siqueira Valle stated that it could harm the lives of the current head of state, his son and senator Flávio Bolsonaro and his sister Ana Cristina Valle.

The former sister-in-law of the Brazilian President also cites Uncle Hudson, who the report says is Guilherme dos Santos Hudson, a retired Army colonel who was a colleague of Jair Bolsonaro at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Aman).

“Uncle Hudson also took the body out because whoever took the jackpot [dinheiro] it was him. He was the one who took me and picked me up at the bank”, he stated.

Andrea Siqueira Valle has been appointed as an employee in the Bolsonaro family offices for 20 years.

During this period, according to UOL, she was a bodybuilder and went to gyms three times a day and was known for doing temporary jobs cleaning houses.

The former sister-in-law of the Brazilian President was appointed as an advisor to the Chamber of Deputies from September 30, 1998 to November 7, 2006.

In 2006, it was appointed to the Rio de Janeiro City Council, in the office of Carlos Bolsonaro, son of the Brazilian President, where he remained until September 2008.

After that it was appointed in the office of Flávio Bolsonaro, where he remained until August 2018.

Flávio Bolsonaro is the eldest son of President Jair Bolsonaro, investigated for embezzlement since 2018 when the former Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) discovered unusual movements in the bank accounts of a former advisor to the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj ) called Fabrício Queiroz.

In the messages attributed to you, the former sister-in-law of the head of state says that “I was left with a thousand somethings [reais, 166 euros] e he [Flávio Bolsonaro] I had seven thousand reais [1.167 euros], so, right or wrong, now it’s gone, there’s no way to go back”.

The portal also released an alleged message from Marcia Aguiar, wife of Fabrício Queiroz, a former advisor to Flávio Bolsonaro appointed by police investigations as the person responsible for collecting money returned by the office of the President’s eldest son’s office at Alerj.

According to the message attributed to Márcia Aguiar, her husband insists on returning to work in politics, but the “01, the Jair [Bolsonaro] Will not let. Are you understanding? Not by Flavio [Bolsonaro], but anyway. It hasn’t hit him yet”.

Contacted by UOL, the lawyer Frederick Wassef, who represents President Bolsonaro and was the lawyer for his son Flávio Bolsonaro, denied illegalities and said that there is an anticipation of the 2022 presidential campaign.

According to Wassef, the messages “are narratives of untrue, non-existent facts, there has never been any ‘cracking’ scheme in the office of Deputy Jair Bolsonaro or any of his sons”