Renan Bolsonaro tattoos his father’s face on his arm; see photos – Young Pan


In an image published on social networks, Jair Renan, o 04, paid tribute to his father with a song by Gabriel, the Thinker

Disclosure/InstagramJair Renan Bolsonaro is the fourth son of the President of the Republic

Known as 04, Jair Renan Bolsonaro he joined last Sunday, 29, the club of the president’s sons who honored their father with a tattoo. Beyond, Carlos Bolsonaro also tattooed the face of Jair Bolsonaro. The youngest among the male children was inspired by an image of the president with a serious face, in a suit and tie for the tattoo on his arm, taken in a studio in Goiás. In the post description, Renan used the catchphrase ‘Brazil above all, God above all’, and dedicated to his father the song ‘Much Pride, My Father’, from Gabriel the thinker. “When I grew up I wanted to be like you. Now I’ve grown up and I still want to be, I’m proud of my father and I have more and more.”