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A document is required as proof of immunization when traveling abroad, but can only be issued when the two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 are included in the Ministry of Health’s system

Reproduction/City Hall of AtibaiaConnect-SUS application allows issuing proof of vaccination in Portuguese, English and Spanish

The issuance of the National Vaccination Certificate started to be a concern for many Brazilians. The document is required as proof of vaccination on international travel, but some people are not able to issue it even after completing the vaccination schedule. That’s because it’s not on the platform ConnectSUS Citizen, do Ministry of Health, the registration of the application of the two doses of the vaccine against the Covid-19 of these individuals. This is the case of Giuliano Giglio, 42, who received the second dose of the immunizing agent last September 22 in the city of São Paulo and has not yet had the vaccination registered in the system. Right after receiving the vaccine, the IT analyst decided to consult ConnectSUS. To his surprise, the registration had not yet been updated. “As I have an international trip planned for next month, I went to check after a day of immunization if the certificate could already be issued by ConnectSUS, but the second dose was not included. In the app there is a message stating that the update may take up to 10 days. Even after these 10 days, nothing”, says Giglio.

Bruno Robalinho, 38, is also going through the same situation. The interventional cardiologist from Campina Grande, Paraíba, received his second dose on February 28 this year. So far, their data has not been updated on the Ministry of Health platform. “Some medical colleagues were reporting that the doses were not correctly entered into the ConnectSUS platform. Some missing the first dose, others the second dose, others with the date changed from the first to the second. So, I went to check mine, since I had been vaccinated in the first wave of health professionals, on January 22nd, and I received the second on February 28th”, he says. Upon entering the app to check his information, the doctor noticed that his second dose data had not yet been recorded. According to the Ministry of Health, the registration of information is the responsibility of vaccination posts in states and municipalities. They must send the immunization references through the system integrated to the National Health Data Network (RNDS), which is the federal base used to feed the information from ConectaSUS.

The folder advises that citizens who do not have their registration correctly available in the application within 10 days, look for the vaccination site or the state or municipal health department to request registration and send their correct data. Giuliano Giglio followed the ministry’s recommendation, but his problem was not resolved. “I went to UBS. They checked and said that in their system everything appears normal. The two doses are listed. On their part, they said that there was nothing else to do and that I should call the ombudsman of the THEIR. That’s what I did when I got home. I called 136 and opened a call to verify what happened. The attendant registered it as ‘urgent’ given the need I have for the certificate to make the trip, but she didn’t give me an expectation of a deadline”, says Giuliano. The health professional Bruno Robalinho went to his health post last Thursday, 7th, to receive his third dose. During the application, he explained the situation and the vaccinator entered the data into the SUS system. According to the Ministry of Health, the information is made available on the platform 72 hours after sending the records to the network.

Ministry of Health requests UBS to instantly include the vaccine application record

The National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19 prepared by the Ministry requests that the data be sent by the vaccination posts to the system at the time of application of the doses. In the case of vaccine rooms without internet connectivity that work within the scope of Primary Health Care (PHC), the records of the doses applied can be made in another system, at e-SUS AB, through Simplified Data Collection . These rooms will record offline and then submit your records to the server as soon as the internet connection is available, within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health advises that vaccine rooms that are not yet computerized and/or do not have an adequate internet network available, or even units in extramural vaccination activities during the campaign, carry out nominal data records and individualized in forms, for subsequent registration in the information system within 48 hours. “It is also noteworthy that, in accordance with the Resolution of the Collegiate Board of the National Health Surveillance Agency, RDC No. 197/2017, every vaccination service has mandatory data information to the federal entity through the official information system of the Ministry of Health, or an own system that interoperates with it”, adds the folder. In the State of São Paulo, aiming to reduce the number of data collected, the Health Department asked the vaccination posts to use “Day V”, which took place on the last 2nd and will be held again next Saturday, 16th, to update the state government’s “VaciVida” system, which migrates information to ConectSus.

How to issue the National Vaccination Certificate?

The first step in issuing the National Vaccination Certificate is to have a record along with the government app. Then through dthe ConnectSUS website or application, available on the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS), the individual must log in with the same data registered in the system. When logging in, it is possible to access the history of exams, consultations and services of the Health Unic System (SUS). In the “vaccines” field, the platform provides information about the immunizing agent against Covid-19 applied, such as the date of vaccination and the manufacturer. Once the situation is regularized and the two doses appear in the system, by clicking on the “second dose” field, the user will be able to obtain the document from a link at the bottom of the site. ConnectSUS provides the possibility to issue the certificate in Portuguese, English and Spanish.