Revenue paid refund of the 2nd batch of Income Tax; see who gets it – Young Pan


Tax authorities will distribute BRL 6 billion to more than 4.2 million taxpayers

Pixabay/Creative CommonsAmounts will be distributed to priority groups and taxpayers who declared by March 21

A IRS paid this Wednesday, 30, the refund of the second batch of 2021 Income Tax. 4,222,986 taxpayers will benefit, totaling R$ 6 billion. The amount will be divided between priority groups and taxpayers who submitted the declaration by March 21st. According to the tax authorities, 97,082 seniors over 80 years old will be covered, 779,763 taxpayers between 60 and 79 years old, 54,240 people with any physical or mental disability or serious illness and 385,591 teachers. More 2,906,310 non-priority contributors will receive the amount. The third batch will be available on July 30th.

The refund consultation is available on the IRS website. The taxpayer must enter the “My Income Tax” area and click on “Consult the Refund”. The search can also be done through the Fisco application for tablets and smartphones. If the taxpayer does not redeem the amount in a year, it will be necessary to enter the Revenue website, access the menu “Declarations and Statements”, go to “My Income Tax” and click on “Request non-redeemed refund in the banking network”.