Ricardo Nunes signs a law establishing a debt installment plan in São Paulo – Prime Time Zone


Taxpayers can settle municipal debts in up to 120 months, with options for discounts for different forms of payment; city ​​government plans to raise R $ 2.2 billion with the program

DANILO M YOSHIOKA / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENTThe deadlines for joining the program will still be defined by the municipal administration; City Hall estimates debts of R $ 9.5 billion

A City Hall of São Paulo authorizes the Debt Installment Program. The Law passed in the Chamber was sanctioned by the mayor Ricardo Nunes this Wednesday, 26. With that, the taxpayer will be able to pay municipal debts up to 120 months, which includes the option of receiving interest discounts and pending fines as IPTU e ISS, including those registered in Active Debt. The initiative aims to assist taxpayers impacted by the pandemic of Covid-19, alongside the extensions of municipal certificates; suspension of payments from Simples Nacional to microenterprises, small businesses and individual microentrepreneurs; non-inclusion in the Register of Defaulters and sending protests to notaries. PPI 2021 covers taxable events until December 31, 2020. The deadlines for joining the program will still be defined by the municipal administration. The city government estimates debts of R $ 9.5 billion.

However, debts of a contractual nature, violations of environmental legislation and balances of installments in progress by the Municipal Finance Department cannot be included in the installment plan. Residents may pay in a single installment or up to 120 monthly installments, corrected by selic rate. In relation to tax debts, PPI 2021 provides for a reduction of 85% in late payment interest and 75% of the fine in the case of payment in a single installment and a reduction of 60% in late payment interest and 50% of the fine for installment payment. . As for non-tax debts, the payment in a single installment guarantees an 85% reduction in the amount of late payment charges on the main debt and a 60% reduction for installment payments. The minimum values ​​established for each installment are R $ 50 for individuals and R $ 300 for legal entities. The projection of collection with the program is R $ 2.2 billion. The Law also defined the amnesty for fines and interest on installments of IPTU 2021 due by April 30.

* With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos