Rio Grande do Norte is on alert after confirmation of Covid-19 variants – Prime Time Zone


Survey by the Ministry of Health points to the emergence of strains associated with greater dispersion and transmissibility of the virus

ANDRE MELO ANDRADE / IMMAGINI / ESTADÃO CONTENTSurvey by the Ministry of Health detected the presence of new strains in Rio Grande do Norte

Authorities large northern river put the state on alert after the Ministry of Health confirm the circulation of mutations in the new coronavirus. Studies have pointed out the presence of P1 and P2 strains, previously detected in Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas, in samples collected between the months of December 2020 and January and February 2021. According to the State Department of Public Health (Sesap), these mutations are associated with possible greater dispersion and transmissibility of the virus.

The tests showed that 23 samples belong to the P1 strain. Of these 15 are from Natal, two from João Pessoa-PB, one from Ingá-PB and one from Conde-PB. Another four are patients from the city of Manaus (AM), who were admitted to the Lauro Wanderley University Hospital in João Pessoa. In addition, 46 samples confirm the P2 strain, initially with proof of circulation in Rio de Janeiro, is already detected in Rio Grande do Norte.

The government of Rio Grande do Norte determined the tightening of social isolation measures and restrictions on the functioning of businesses and services for the next 14 days to prevent the collapse of the health system. The state registers an increase in the number of hospitalizations in the last weeks and has more than 80% of beds occupied for patients with Covid-19. The government of Rio Grande do Norte announced the opening of new 39 beds. Another 26 are in the process of being operationalized.