Rio registers a drop in hospitalizations for Covid-19 and should make the rules imposed on the population more flexible – Prime Time Zone


City registered the lowest number of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic

FERNANDO SILVA /FUTURA PRESS /ESTADÃO CONTENTAfter the advance of vaccination against Covid-19, Rio registered only 295 people hospitalized due to the infection, the lowest number since the beginning of the pandemic

The municipal health department of Rio de Janeiro reported that only 295 people are hospitalized in the capital because of the Covid-19, the lowest number since the beginning of the pandemic. This week, only 37 beds were requested. With less need for hospitalization, many beds are also being dismantled. More than 10 million doses of vaccines against the new coronavirus have already been applied in the city. Among teenagers, 57% have already received the first dose. Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) said that, on October 15, the wearing of a protective mask in public and open spaces should be released. However, specialists from Fiocruz and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) are cautious and believe that the measure could be rushed. With more and more situations returning to normality, Carnival and New Year’s Eve have also been confirmed by the city hall. After a series of delays in the delivery of vaccines by the federal government, currently there is no shortage of immunization agents in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. This week, doses will be applied for teenagers, seniors and recap for those who have not yet taken the vaccine.

*With information from reporter Mateus Koelzer