Roberto Jefferson is sentenced to indemnify Alexandre de Moraes in R$ 50 thousand – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Prime Time Zone, the president of the PTB associated the minister with the PCC; São Paulo court denied the politician’s appeal

Mario Agra/PTB NationalRoberto Jefferson joined Moraes to the PCC

The Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) denied the former deputy’s appeal Robert Jefferson, national president of the PTB, and determined that he pay compensation of R$ 50 thousand to the minister Alexandre de Moraes, do Supreme Federal Court (STF). In an interview with the program “Os Pingos Nos Is”, from Young pan, and to CNN Brasil, Jefferson claimed the magistrate was a lawyer for the PCC. On Tuesday, 31, the 1st Chamber of Private Law of the TJSP denied the politician’s appeal and upheld the lower court decision that sentenced him to pay the indemnity. “Iinsists the defendant in saying, in several moments of his defense, which took his deductions from the Internet, pointing out that the author only now, in this action (as if he was somehow to blame for it) came to deny have a lawyer for the CCP. What turns out to be too frivolous on your part, because the Internet is a no man’s land, being able to conclude that the facts planted there are true”, says the decision of judge Rui Cascaldi, rapporteur of the case.“The defendant, when saying that the plaintiff was a lawyer for the PCC, made clear his intention to attribute to it the ‘label’ of criminal, defender of criminals, in order to deprive him of his respect as a minister of the Supreme Court. And there is no proof that he has a lawyer for the PCC”, he adds. Roberto Jefferson has been imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro since August 13, by decision of Moraes. He is suspected of being part of an alleged digital militia that acts against democracy.