Rodrigo Pacheco says that the Senate is willing to vote on Income Tax reform in 2021 – Prime Time Zone


President of the Senate guarantees that a priority is to remove a robust social program from paper, which would be financed with the resources of the reform

MATEUS BONOMI/AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY/ESTADÃO CONTENTRodrigo Pacheco met with the rapporteur and other senators working on the reform

the president of Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) stated on Tuesday, 28, that the reform of the Income tax it may still be voted on in 2021. The federal government is counting on the reform to generate sufficient resources for a new social program, the Brazil Aid, which would replace the Bolsa-Família and would pay a higher amount to the beneficiaries (R$300). “There is no confirmed information that it will only be appreciated next year [o projeto de reforma do IR]. On the contrary, there is provision for the assessment of tax bills as soon as possible. Obviously, respecting the public hearings that will take place at the Economic Affairs Committee, necessary for the reflection and maturation of the project”, said Pacheco.

On Monday, 27, the project’s rapporteur, Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), said he would still evaluate the numbers to be delivered by the Ministry of Economy and would talk with representatives of business entities and states and municipalities and predicted that he would deliver the text to be considered by the Senate within “ten or fifteen days.” According to Pacheco, he participated in a meeting this Tuesday with Colonel, with the president of the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE), Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), and with the leader of the Government in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE ), to discuss the topic.

“[Se] put it in a drawer, he is actually telling the Brazilian people that he is not worried about Bolsa Família. Given this need to assess the project as a source of funding for the social program, we will obviously take this into account and make all possible reflections, because there is a premise that guides us in the Federal Senate: that we need to take a program off paper. social, which has updated values, which reaches the greatest possible number of people in Brazil”, commented Pacheco. Also on Monday, Congress approved a project that allows the government to use the resources to increase the amount paid in Brazil Aid, in what is one of the biggest bets of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) to run for reelection.