Russia responds to Washington sanctions by expelling US diplomats


According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, 10 American diplomats should leave Russia. This is in response to the sanctions imposed on Russia by President Joe Biden’s administration, which were officially announced on Thursday.

Washington has imposed large-scale sanctions on Moscow for attempting to interfere in last year’s presidential election, cyberattacks, aggression in Ukraine and other “harmful” actions. Russia denies the allegations.

Lavrov made a statement on retaliatory sanctions today at a press conference with his Serbian counterpart. With the expulsion of the diplomats, Moscow will impose sanctions on eight US officials and end the activities of American foundations and non-governmental organizations in Russia, which, according to the Foreign Minister, interfere in the internal affairs of the country. Moscow is also considering possible “painful” measures against American businesses operating in Russia.

The US sanctions affected 32 entities, including Russian companies and individuals. Also – Russian diplomats and the Russian trade market. The Biden administration says even more sanctions were being considered, though they avoided further straining relations between the two countries. According to President Biden, the new sanctions allow the US government to impose sanctions on any sector of the Russian economy and also not to issue public debt.