Russia sets new record for coronavirus deaths


Concern is growing around the world about the risk of a new wave of pandemic provoked by Delta variant, as a Russia knocking, this Saturday (3), a new death record, while Indonesia and Portugal again adopted restrictions.

The situation is also worrying in Will, where the president warned of a fifth wave of the covid-19 pandemic, which nearly killed four million people around the world since its appearance in late December 2019.

Hard hit by the Delta variant, the Russia today registered a new daily record of deaths for the fifth consecutive day, with 697 deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of new cases was 24,439, the highest since mid-January.

The coronavirus epidemic regained strength in mid-June in the country, against a backdrop of a slow vaccination campaign, although the Kremlin has rejected the idea of ​​confinement.

Also in Europe, Portugal, also faced with the Delta variant, decided to re-establish the curfew night from Friday in 45 municipalities, including Lisbon. Almost half of the ten million Portuguese people are subject to it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her concern about the number of spectators allowed to watch the semi-finals and final of the Euro Cup in the UK, where contamination due to the Delta variant is increasing.

New restrictions in Indonesia

The pandemic has accelerated this week in all regions of the world except Latin America.

In Asia, strict restrictions went into effect in Indonesia on Saturday amid an unprecedented wave of infections.

The country, which today registered a new record of daily cases – 27,913 – and 493 deaths (up from 539 on Friday), imposed partial confinement in the capital Jakarta, the island of Java and Bali.

Thousands of soldiers and police were on the streets this Saturday to enforce the new measures, and hundreds of checkpoints were set up, while mosques, restaurants and shopping centers were closed.

These “emergency restrictions”, announced this week by President Joko Widodo, will apply until July 20, as the health situation has brought the Indonesian health system to the brink of suffocation.