São Paulo admits chance of worsening pandemic in June and projects numbers close to the peak – Prime Time Zone


Municipal Secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, stated that the sanitary barriers were reinforced in the intention of counting the Indian variant

FERNANDA LUZ / AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY / ESTADÃO CONTENTEdson Aparecido stated that, in the last few days, roads, highways and airports conducted a screening with travelers

The Municipal Secretary of Health of São Paulo, Edson Appeared, stated that actions are being taken in an attempt to contain the Indian variant do coronavirus in the city. According to him, meetings were held with the State, Ministry of Health, Anvisa and the city of Guarulhos in an attempt to establish new protocols. A man who tested positive for the variant landed at the international airport last Saturday, Rio de Janeiro before diagnosis. Now, health barriers will have enhanced monitoring.

Edson Aparecido stated that, in the last few days, roads, highways and airports have carried out a screening with travelers. In 65 buses that arrived at the Tietê Bus Terminal, 1,371 people were approached and no symptomatic was identified. At Congonhas Airport, 68 flights landed with a total of seven symptomatic. At the Fernão Dias cargo terminal, 395 truck drivers were stopped and only one had symptoms of Covid-19. All of these have been tested. In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, the secretary stated that this work allows the monitoring of the dissemination of the new variant of the Asian country.

The Secretary of Health commented that, after the peak of the pandemic wave on April 2, a drop in the indicators of the disease was observed. However, the level is still very high: 81% of the ICU beds are occupied in the city of São Paulo. “We see an increase in the disease, an increase in cases. The planning department of the Municipal Secretariat foresees that, around June 17, we can have a number of cases and hospitalizations close to what was the peak. We are still suffering from the effects of the second wave, ”he said. That is why he defends the need to avoid crowding, wear protective masks and follow sanitary measures. “We are at a time when the number of cases is growing again and this is happening all over Brazil.”

He stated that more than a thousand clandestine parties and ballads they were, promoted by irresponsible, they were already closed in a task force that unites State, municipalities, Health Surveillance and other authorities. On the decision to require a proof of residence for vaccinate against Covid-19 in the city from this Friday, Edson Aparecido stated that this was necessary. “We have already applied almost 4.7 million doses in the capital. Now, more and more, the groups are more numerous. They are younger people, who circulate throughout the city. And we receive the doses from the Ministry of Health counted. That is why we are very concerned ”, he concluded.