São Paulo City Hall announces the end of school rotation as of October 25 – Prime Time Zone


Educational establishments had been receiving only 35% of students daily

DIRCEU PORTUGAL/FOTOArena/ESTADÃO CONTENTCity of São Paulo already had kindergarten schools receiving 100% of children

As schools municipal of São Paulo will once again receive all students on a daily basis from the 25th of October. As a precaution against the coronavirus, students are attending schools on alternate days, on a rotating basis. Now, the units will once again receive 100% of young people without the need to social distancing. However, participation in classes is optional for families and there is the possibility of parents or guardians signing a term of responsibility, if they guarantee commitment to withdraw from activities and participate in remote classes. “From the beginning, we followed the guidelines of health and health surveillance, both for the closing and reopening of schools. Right now, the Health area says that all students can be assisted every day”, said the municipal secretary of education, Fernando Padula.

In the municipal network of São Paulo, schools reopened for on-site classes on February 15, with a capacity limit of up to 35% of students, in a rotation format. In units dedicated to early childhood education, there was also a limit of up to 35%, but without rotation. On March 17, the municipal secretariat decided to bring the July vacation forward due to the worsening situation of the pandemic in the city. The activities were resumed on April 12, with up to 35% of the students, in a rotation format. On September 8, the Children’s Education Centers resumed serving 100% of children, without rotation, also without the obligation to attend.