São Paulo City Hall says that 637 people signed the vaccine refusal term for choosing a brand – Prime Time Zone


Law sanctioned by Mayor Ricardo Nunes puts ‘vaccine sommeliers’ at the end of the immunization queue

YAGO FROTA/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTOther cities in the state have also adopted measures against ‘vaccine sommerliers’

The City Hall of São Paulo informed the Young pan that 637 people signed the denial of the vaccine against Covid-19 because of the brand of immunizing until this Tuesday, 3. The so-called “vaccine sommeliers” were placed at the end of the line and can only receive the first dose after the entire population of the capital is vaccinated. The law, sanctioned by the mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) on July 27th, provides that anyone who does not want to be vaccinated with the doses available at the health center must sign the refusal term, which is attached to the person’s registration in the municipal network and places them at the end of the queue at the immunization. The text, approved by the City Council, is authored by Councilor Carlos Bezerra Jr. (PSDB). Other cities in the metropolitan region of São Paulo also adopted the same measure, such as São Bernardo do Campo and São Caetano do Sul.