São Paulo has the lowest number of hospitalized by Covid-19 in the last 18 months – Prime Time Zone


Occupancy rates in ICU beds, both in the State and in Greater São Paulo, are also the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic

MISTER SHADOW/ASI/ESTADÃO CONTENTNumber of admissions is lowest since the beginning of the pandemic

O State of São Paulo registered this Saturday, 9, less than 4,200 hospitalized for Covid-19. The number is the lowest in the last 18 months and seven times lower than that recorded at the peak of the second wave, which reached more than 31,000 patients with the disease. According to data from the State Health Department, there are 4,230 hospitalized people, with 2,045 in Intensive Care Units and 2,185 in the infirmary. A smaller mark than this one had only been reached on April 5, 2020, with 1,660 people in UTIs and 2,419 in clinical beds, totaling 4,079 patients. Occupancy rates of ICU beds are also among the lowest since the beginning of the pandemic, with 31.2% in the state and 38.7% in Greater São Paulo. The Secretariat also updated the numbers of the disease in the state. There are 4,382,863 cases and 150,728 deaths.