São Paulo starts vaccinating people aged 41 this Monday; see capitals calendar – Prime Time Zone


In Rio de Janeiro, immunization of 42-year-old cariocas takes place in two days; Brasília adopts the age group of 44 years old, Recife 40 years old and Manaus from 26 years old

Fábio Gonçalves/Fotoarena/Estadão Content – 07/01/2021Vaccination against Covid-19 at the Sérgio Arrouca health center in the Vital Brasil neighborhood in Niterói

Since January 17, when Brazil vaccinated the first person against Covid-19, about 47% of the country’s adult population has already been vaccinated with at least one dose. Those who are fully immunized are 16% of Brazilians. O Ministry of Health promises to immunize all adults by the end of the year, but many states have anticipated that schedule. In São Paulo, for example, the expectation is to finish the doses on September 15th. This Monday, the 5th, the capital of São Paulo begins the immunization of 41-year-olds. At the Rio de Janeiro, the promise is to finish the vaccination on August 31 and the city will immunize 42-year-old women this Monday and men the same age this Tuesday, 6. In Brasília, since Saturday, people over 44 years old can schedule the first dose. The city of Recife already vaccinates the population over 40 years and Manaus from 26 years.

Currently, Brazil applies vaccines from CoronaVac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer e Janssen. AstraZeneca’s immunizing agent, however, is suspended for pregnant and postpartum women. At least six cities in the country have taken measures against those who refuse to take the immunizing agent available at the time of application. In São Bernardo do Campo and in São Caetano do Sul, in São Paulo, whoever refuses to take any brand goes to the end of line and you can get vaccinated only after all adults over 18 years of age. In Criciúma, city of Santa Catarina, the criterion was also adopted. In the cities of Rio Preto and Jales, in the interior of São Paulo, whoever refuses the vaccine will have to sign a term of responsibility, as well as in Urupês. There, if the person wants to be immunized later, they will have to join the queue at the hey.

*With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini