Schools in SP will have classroom classes starting on Monday; see protocols – Young Pan


One meter distance will no longer be necessary from November 3rd

CESAR CONVENTI/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTS – 10/13/2021State schools are authorized to receive 100% of students since August this year

the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), detailed this Wednesday, 13, at a press conference, how the mandatory return of students to classroom classes will work. As Young Pan anticipated, all public and private students of the State of São Paulo they should return in person from next Monday, the 18th. Currently, the presence of students in classrooms is optional. “With the advance of vaccination in the State of São Paulo, as well as the drop in the Covid-19 indicators, it is possible and viable to make students mandatory in the classroom,” said Doria. The Secretary of the State of Education, Rossieli Soares, recalls that 97% of professionals in the area have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the state. Among students aged 17 to 12, 90% have already received at least the first dose. The secretary also recalls that the interval between Pfizer applications was brought forward and that teenagers aged 16 and 16, as well as teenagers with comorbidities, can now look for health centers to complete the vaccination schedule.

From the 18th on, the presence of students in classrooms in the state network will be mandatory. The State Council of Education (CEE) will decide on the deadline for private schools to adapt to the mandatory rule. Regarding the municipal network, mayors may or may not determine the mandatory return, except in the case of municipalities that are regulated by the CEE. “The city of São Paulo has a specific law that regulates the municipal network, including the mandatory. Therefore, for the municipal network, this rule will not apply. For cities that have their own municipal council, other rules may apply”, clarifies Rossieli Soares. The municipal councils of Education should deliberate on the subject later this week. Sanitary measures against the coronavirus, such as using a mask and hand hygiene, continue to apply. During the month of October, social distance will be maintained, observing a shift between students on each day of the week. As of November 3, however, the social distance of one meter between students will no longer be necessary.