Sebastián Piñera: the rich businessman overcome by a turbulent Chile


Chilean opposition deputies presented on Wednesday, 13, a request for impeachment against the president Chilean Sebastian Piñera, whose government crisis was intensified by the Pandora Papers revelations.

The Chilean government has been marked by social upheaval, especially after the 2019 protests that led Chile to start rewriting the Constitution, a legacy of the military dictatorship.

Piñera’s name appeared in the Pandora Papers after the sale of the mining company Dominga in 2010 by a company of his sons.

The operation was carried out during Piñera’s first term for $152 million in the British Virgin Islands. The last payment was conditional on “not establishing an environmental protection area over the mining company’s area of ​​operations”.

businessman past

At 71, Piñera, a skilled businessman whose assets are estimated at 2.7 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, reached his second term in 2017, with the theme “Join better times”, something that, almost missing a month to the elections that will choose his successor, sounds like an irony.