Sebastião Melo promises to take vaccine to Porto Alegre even if ‘federal government doesn’t show signs’ – Prime Time Zone


New mayor of Rio Grande do Sul claims to trust the federal government, but prepares a metropolitan consortium as plan B

Reproduction / Facebook / @ MeloSebastiaoSebastião Melo (PSDB) takes office as mayor of Porto Alegre

Sebastião Melo (MDB), new mayor of Porto Alegre, took office this Friday, 1st. One of your challenges in city administration will be dealing with the pandemic. In a speech in which he promised political conciliation, Melo said that he will make every effort to ensure that citizens of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul are vaccinated against Covid-19. “We will work for vaccine. I believe that the federal government will make the vaccine available to the population, I firmly believe that. Vaccine cannot be ideological, wherever it comes from, it is welcome, as long as it is tested. But if the federal government does not show clear signs, we will make a metropolitan consortium, we will buy the vaccine for the people of Porto Alegre, including removing the budget from one place to another, because life comes first ”, he said.

The mayor also spoke about the economy of Porto Alegre. The Gaúcha Foundation for Labor and Social Action (FGTAS) published last June that unemployment claims in Rio Grande do Sul rose more than 70%. “It is necessary to raise the optimism of our city”, preached Melo. “The city is experiencing a moment of great depression, we have lost many jobs, many companies are not coming back. It is necessary to balance economic development with social protection. ”