Sergei Shamba: “Let’s overthrow the government, create anarchy!”


On October 4, another wave of unrest swept through Sukhumi, where several hundred people gathered in front of the parliament of the de facto republic to protest the beating of veterans of the “Patriotic War” of the Abkhaz people. Sergei Shamba and Vice President, Badra Gunba came out.

Veterans’ Union “Arua” gathered people in the center of Sokhumi at a time when the parliament of the so-called de facto republic. He was discussing the incident that took place during the celebration of “Victory Day”.

Arua chairman Timur Gulia said that at midnight on September 30, Victory Day, on Sukhumi beach, police brutally beat 1992-1993 civil war veterans, war invalids, and members of parliament, Ko. Celebrating the holiday.

“No charges have been brought against them, they have not been transferred to the police station and no arrest report has been drawn up. They just inflicted severe bodily injuries and left him on the street. “– Timur Gulia said at a press conference in Sokhumi on October 3.

The beating of an MP, war veterans and the disabled has angered the public, prompting the resignation of the self-proclaimed republic’s interior minister, 37-year-old Dmitry Dbar, who, according to eyewitnesses, was personally involved in the September 30 incident.

Dmitry Dbari, former Minister of Internal Affairs of the de facto Republic of Abkhazia

In addition to Harry Kokaia, as de facto MP Givi Kvarchia said, war veterans from the village of Adziubzha, who were shot with him in the air on “Victory Day”, were severely beaten.

“The disabled of the Abkhazian Patriotic War, who suffered the most, are mutilated. We are talking about 7 people. One of them has a broken nose, someone has a concussion, and his face is sewn in different places. I repeat: the veterans who were there are concerned about moral retribution, for them it was primarily moral destruction. They talk about the causes of the incident, what could have been the real cause. “Logically, this is due to Harry Koka’s political views, which often do not coincide with the official position of the government, including on electricity and other vital issues.”

Harry Kokaia says he admits his share of the crime, cooperates with the investigation and is ready to take responsibility for what happened, but at the same time condemns the violence of law enforcement agencies against veterans:

“First of all, I want to apologize. I should not have acted like that, either, and I should not have violated the MP’s ethics, but my behavior should be considered a crime. I may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings because I was among the senior and most respected veterans. I repeat, I am ready to take full responsibility for the shot in the air. I am not going to use parliamentary immunity. I cooperate with the investigative bodies and the prosecutor’s office, I give testimonies. So there is no obstacle to my investigation. “As for the veterans, I want to say that they were physically abused, they were just beaten because they are no longer as physically strong as they were thirty years ago when they took up arms to defend their country.”

Harry Kokaia

Harry Kokaia

Kokaia called on fellow lawmakers to make a fair decision and protect the veterans, though as it turned out, no criminal case has yet been launched against the officials involved in beating the veterans.

“In my opinion, not only a criminal case should be launched, but also a measure of restraint should be applied to those who took part in beating the veterans. Of course, the prosecution needs to find out the details, but all MPs need to express their views on such actions by law enforcement agencies. We must prevent violence in the law enforcement system, violence against all citizens and not just veterans. “It just so happened that on the day of the victory, the veterans, who were returning home peacefully after the celebration, were severely beaten,” MP Givi Kvarchia said in a speech to the parliament of the de facto republic.

Givi Kvarchia

Givi Kvarchia

The people of Abkhazia were outraged not only by the arrogance of high-ranking police officials, but also by the violence against war veterans.

“Suppose they really heard gunshots, as the interior minister says, and he himself was nearby, but it has never been in our history, and I hope it will never happen again. If even one of our colleagues thinks this is permissible, then what morality can we talk about? What should we say to our children who want to be raised in a patriotic spirit and with respect for veterans? A separate story, who committed this? “I knew the children of the country’s heroes, whose parents, Sergei Dbar and Valeri Chachkhalia, our comrades-in-arms, well,” said Dmitry Ardzinba, a de facto Republican MP.

Adgur Agrba, the attorney general of the de facto republic, said that sufficient evidence had not yet been gathered and therefore legal assessments were premature:

“According to the criminal procedure law, we have five, fifteen and sixty days. I can not yet evaluate the actions of police officers, war veterans and members of parliament, I think it would not be appropriate given that not all evidence has yet been collected and a full review has not been conducted. We are busy with this inspection for the third day, important work has been done. As I was informed today, not all war veterans have been questioned yet, due to certain reasons and circumstances. The Minister of Internal Affairs has not been questioned yet. There are other witnesses who, according to the investigation, should be questioned. I think they will give us the necessary evidence to rely on them and give an assessment. “

Adgur Agrba

Adgur Agrba

Deputies from the de facto republic of Abkhazia instructed the Prosecutor General to present the preliminary results of the investigation within two weeks, but people gathered in front of the parliament to immediately enforce the law, apologize to the highest authorities and demand the arrival of the self-proclaimed president.

“The village of Adziubzha, whose inhabitants are beaten veterans, supported the election of Aslan Bzhania as president. His supporters stood here and shouted: “Raul (Khajimba), coward, come out!” Go, call! I, as a separate person, may be in opposition, but the idiots are not in opposition to anyone. So come out to these people! “

Aslan Bzhania did not go out with the people. Instead, protesters were met by Security Council Secretary Sergei Shamba and Vice President Badra Gunba.

“No one is justifying what happened, but we must all stay within the law so that we do not turn our state into a disgraceful country,” said Sergei Shamba, who was not allowed to leave the rally.

“Then let us destroy this government, arrange anarchy!” “

At the end of the day, Aslan Bzhania met with representatives of the village of Adzuibzha, who reiterated that the disorder was the merciless beating of 7 people and their abandonment on the street.

In response, Bzhania said law enforcement agencies are working, conducting a preliminary investigation and collecting testimonies. Bzhania also noted that, as the head of state, he should make informed decisions, because he is talking not only about the people, but also about state institutions as a whole.

Aslan Bzhania

Aslan Bzhania

“We have to train the police, we have to re-create it. We recently had a case in Gagra where the head of the criminal police was beaten. “If we do not have a police and a prosecutor’s office, if they do not work, then we will not have a state.”