Singer Belo’s concert is interrupted in SP for causing an agglomeration of 1,500 people – Prime Time Zone


Blitze Committee also fined four other establishments for agglomeration and for not respecting the schedule defined in the São Paulo Plan; Campos do Jordão is also being inspected

Reproduction/Instagram/beautiful/01.08.2021Belo performed for 1,500 people at Espaço das Américas

the singer’s show Belo, which took place on Saturday night, 31, was interrupted by the Blitz Committee. The event was not complying with the sanitary measures to prevent the Covid-19. The event took place at Espaço das Américas, in Barra Funda, in the west of São Paulo, and there were 1,500 people at the site. Other places assessed were the Sutton Club, in Itaim Bibi, with 257 people, and Vila Country, in Água Branca, with 250 people. During the action, the State Sanitary Surveillance also guided 31 commercial establishments spread across five districts of the capital.

Two establishments, one in Consolação and the other in Guarapiranga, were also fined for not complying with the operating hours defined by the São Paulo Plan. The State Government also intensified the inspection in Jordan Fields since June, because with the low temperatures, tourism in the region tends to increase. Last Saturday, 32 establishments were inspected and nine notices registered for agglomeration. The action included teams from the State Sanitary Surveillance, Sanitary Surveillance Groups from the cities of Taubaté and Campos do Jordão and with the Military Police’s Shock Battalion.