“Sinopharm” vaccine starts – what not to miss on May 4


On May 4, Amiran Gamkrelidze plans to vaccinate with “Sinopharm”

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From May 4, the COVID vaccine against Sinopharm vaccine will be launched for citizens over 18 years of age in Georgia. Vaccination is voluntary.

Today, Amiran Gamkrelidze, the head of the Center for Disease Control, is vaccinated with the same vaccine. Gamkrelidze will be vaccinated against coronavirus at the Republic Hospital.

Vaccination requires 2 doses and it is done at 21 day intervals. Vaccine storage conditions range from 2 to 8 degrees.

According to the official report, the Ministry of Health has already developed a scheme for the distribution of vaccines throughout the country to ensure geographical access. At this stage, 93 medical institutions are involved in the vaccination process.

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When will Melia be released from prison?

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The United National Movement (UNM) does not confirm media reports that party chairman Nika Melia may leave prison this week.

As RFE / RL was told in the UN, they have not heard any new information about Nika Melia’s changed position on “EU bail”. Expectations of a possible release of the leader of the largest opposition party arose after he was visited in Rustavi prison on May 1 by Lelo leader, MP Mamuka Khazaradze.

After the meeting with Khazaradze, the chairman of the UNM has not made a new statement from prison and, consequently, his teammates are leading him to his last position. As one of the leaders of the United National Movement, Levan Khabeishvili, told RFE / RL, at this stage he sees no reason to expect Melia to leave the prison on “EU bail” in the coming days.

On May 4, Nika Melia’s lawyers will visit Rustavi Prison and they will inform the UNM representatives about the new information. However, lawyers have previously denied reports that the UN chairman’s chairman should sign any document to agree to a bail offer offered by the European Union.

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The G7 summit in London – what will be discussed today and tomorrow?

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The summit of the G7 countries (Union of the World’s Economically Developed, Democratic States) opened in London yesterday. The three-day summit is the first face-to-face meeting in the Big Seven format since the world pandemic began.

The rotation of the group’s presidency now rests with the United Kingdom. According to Reuters, the summit agenda includes discussions on ways to overcome the pandemic crisis, climate change, China and Russia.

The UK will also offer the rest of the union members a mechanism for responding quickly to Russian propaganda and disinformation.

Ahead of the meeting, the British Foreign Secretary, Dominique Raab, said that a joint response and action against propaganda and fake news is needed to make the truth known not only to its own citizens, but to people all over the world, including Russia and China.

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Armenian lawmakers reject Fashinyan’s candidacy for PM under election deal

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The Armenian parliament has rejected the candidacy of incumbent Prime Minister Nikol Fashinyan for the post of new head of government as the first step in an agreement that will form the basis for early elections next month.

Fashinyan resigned on April 25, paving the way for elections to ease the political crisis caused by the defeat in last year’s battle over Nagorno-Karabakh with Azerbaijan.

If he fails to win the support of Fashinian MPs in the second round of voting on May 10 – as expected – the parliament will be dissolved and President Armen Sargsyan will call early elections in June.

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Nona Gaprindashvili: “If something was to be won, I have won everything”

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“What I I won, Taking Counting, Simply, It is impossible“, – Five-time world champion Nona Gaprindashvili turned 80 today

My brothers And Neighbors Whatever They were playing, me too I was playing, Therefore Everything at the same time I started: Chess, Football, volley ball, BilliardsMy brothers In turns Were happening sometimes Zugdidi Champions In chess, At home too Were arranged Tournaments. I everyone Could not I understood“, – Nona Gaprindashvili remembers with Radio Liberty.

80 years ago chess circles were only in big cities. A girl from Zugdidi lost in talented brothers may never be noticed, if not for one formality – the Samegrelo team was recruited for the tournament and needed a girl. They heard that a girl was playing in the Gaprindashvili family. How and how he played, they did not know, but they had no one else and approached their parents. Coach Vakhtang Karseladze paid attention to Nona’s game in Batumi. They came to their parents again and this time asked them to take Nona to Tbilisi – not for a couple of days, but forever.

When he moved to Tbilisi in 1954, he was thirteen. Within a few years it became so well known that the militia needed the help of the militia to break the cordon.

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No one can go to the grave: from 2 to 4 May entry to the cemetery is prohibited. What do cemeteries look like today? Watch the video.