Social Democratic Party wins Merkel’s acronym in Germany, initial results show – Prime Time Zone


Legend represented by Olaf Scholz received 25.7% of the votes, while the Christian Democratic Union got 24.1%, which represents a drop of nine percentage points compared to 2017

EFE / EPA / FOCKE STRANGMANNEven with the result, to define the victory of Olaf Scholz, it will be up to the party to win the majority in Parliament

O Social Democratic Party received more votes in elections on Germany. This is what the preliminary results released on Monday, 27, show that 25.7% of the votes for the legend. However, the advantage over Christian Democratic Union was small and the current chancellor’s party, Angel Merkel, received 24.1% of the votes. Even with the result, to define the victory of Olaf Scholz, it will be necessary to win a majority in Parliament, which will depend on the decision and support of smaller parties, such as the Greens and the Free Democrats. On Monday, Scholz said on social media that voters have strengthened the parties, which would be a “sign that the citizens want: these three parties must lead the next government”, he wrote in the Twitter. For him, the result at the polls shows that the population wants “changes” and that conservatives “should no longer be in government, but in opposition.” The election result in Germany represents the worst performance of Angela Merkel’s party. In the previous election in 2017, the Social Democratic Party received 20.5% of the vote, while the Christian Democratic Union, at the time the winner, had 32.9% – a difference of nine percentage points.