Social isolation in Brazil falls to 30% and reaches lower percentage of the pandemic, says Datafolha – Prime Time Zone


In April last year, forty percent were fulfilled by 72% of Brazilians; infectious disease warns of risk of increase in cases of Covid-19: ‘Pandemic has not gone away’

EFE / Fernando BizerraIn all, 63% of respondents say they leave home to work and do other activities respecting the protocols

After going through the worst period of pandemic from Covid-19, the level of social isolation in Brazil it is the lowest registered since the beginning of the health crisis. This is what the Datafolha survey reveals with 2,071 Brazilians aged 16 or over, from all social classes and regions, heard in 146 municipalities between the 11th and 12th of May. According to the survey, only three out of ten Brazilian adults are totally isolated or leave home only for essential tasks, a much smaller number compared to April last year, when the rate was 72%. In March of this year, the rate was 49%. Of the 30% who say they respect the rules of isolation, 2% say they do not leave the house under any circumstances. Meanwhile, 63% of respondents say they leave home to work and do other activities in accordance with the protocols. The percentage also represents a record since the beginning of the pandemic and a jump compared to the month of March, when 47% of them claimed care when they leave home. Already 7% of the interviewees affirm to live normally, without alterations in the routine due to the pandemic.

Considering the situation, the infectologist Renato Kfouri made an alert. According to him, it is not time to let your guard down. “The levels are still high and if we neglect these measures, we run a serious risk of seeing cases increase again. So this perception that everything is fine is very wrong. We need to remain vigilant, the pandemic has not gone away and the control measures available to a large part of the population are not the same. vaccine, is the distance and the use of a mask ”, he pointed out. The survey’s margin of error is 2 percentage points, up or down, with a 95% confidence level.

* With information from the reporter Caterina Achutti