SP government announces high school with one more class per day next year – Prime Time Zone


This measure, which will be implemented progressively, is a response to the losses imposed by the new coronavirus pandemic

ROBERTO CASIMIRO/FOTOArena/ESTADÃO CONTENTAnnouncement was made this Tuesday, 20, by vice-governor Rodrigo Garcia

The vice-governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo garcia (PSDB), announced this Tuesday, 20, that students from the 2nd and 3rd years of the High school of state schools will have an extra day of classes next year. The measure is a bet of the São Paulo management to try to mitigate the losses caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. According to the Secretary of Education of the State, Rossieli Soares, additional classes can be taught remotely through the Media Center. Students in these grades currently have seven classes in the daily shift. The expansion, however, will be progressive. The second year will have eight classes in 2022, a format that will be extended to the third year in 2023. For evening students, the change will take effect from the first year. “It’s a response to the problems before the pandemic, but it’s also about connecting young people with the challenges of today’s world,” said Soares.

The tucano government will also invest R$ 303.5 million in high school, in addition to hiring up to ten thousand teachers for this stage of education. The funds will be transferred to the 3,600 state units through the Direct Money Program at School (PDDE). “The investment via PDDE is a great success, because it reduces bureaucracy and facilitates access to resources to, in fact, implement the new secondary education in the state”, said Rodrigo Garcia. “There are more than R$ 300 million to structure the network, to ensure that schools are prepared so that our professionals are more successful in this collective effort to resume classroom classes,” added the vice-governor. The amount will be divided into four categories: New High School, Science Laboratory, Maker Laboratory and Mini Studios.