SP government rules out adopting lockdown in the state after mayors’ request – Prime Time Zone


The Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, defended that new restrictions should be adopted only in a timely manner, considering the reality of each municipality

MISTER SHADOW / ASI / ESTADÃO CONTENTJean Gorinchteyn, said the measure is “very complicated” as it directly affects the most vulnerable sectors of society

The government of São Paulo ruled out the adoption of a lockdown unified in the state. This Thursday, 18, after successive increases in cases, hospitalizations and deaths by Covid-19, mayors of several cities asked the governor João Doria decrees the maximum restriction to contain the progress of the disease. However, during a visit to the Butantan Institute on Friday, 19, Doria ruled out the possibility. Beside him, the São Paulo State Health Secretary, Jean Gorinchteyn, said that the measure is “very complicated”, as it directly affects the most vulnerable sectors of society and, therefore, the restriction cannot be taken on a large scale . “We are talking about closing everything, transportation, companies, food companies. What will happen? What is the risk of this in relation to shortages, including food? On the other hand, we have informal workers who need the money today to eat with their children. So we have to analyze a more restrictive measure, but not with our middle-class way of looking, ‘close everything that I’m at home getting my salary from’. We have to create more restrictive specific measures ”, defended Gorinchteyn.

The Secretary of Health and the governor support more restrictive measures according to each city hall and each region, not a state determination. Despite this, Doria commented on the mayor’s decision Bruno Covas which announced the anticipation of five holidays in São Paulo. For the governor, the mayor of the city of São Paulo lacked good sense, who did not give advance notice to the state government and the prefectures of the coast and the metropolitan region about the determination, which generated complaints. “The city halls have autonomy to make decisions, but there are certain decisions that common sense recommends that they be previously shared with the government”, he said, signaling that this Friday he will announce new restrictive measures in support of Litoral managers. Accompanied by Jean Gorinchteyn and the director of the Butantan Institute, Dias Covas, Doria participated in the delivery of over 2 million doses of CoronaVac to the National Immunization Plan (PNI), the third batch being sent to the Ministry of Health this week. 46 million vaccines against Covid-19 are expected to be delivered to the federal government by the end of April.

* With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini