Spain legalizes euthanasia; find out how it works in other European countries


The Parliament Spanish this Thursday (18), definitively approved a law to regulate euthanasia and assisted suicide, joining the short list of countries that will allow an incurable patient to receive help to die and avoid his suffering.

Proposed by the government of socialist Pedro Sánchez, the law will come into force in three months. The text was validated in the Congress of Deputies with 202 votes in favor of the left, center and regionalist parties, 2 abstentions and 141 votes against, mainly from the right and the extreme right.

Immediately afterwards, applause resounded in the Lower House for several minutes.

“Today we are a more human, fairer and freer country (…). Thank you to all the people who fought tirelessly so that the right to die with dignity was recognized in Spain”, tweeted the government president, socialist Pedro Sáncheez .