Spanish government announces measures to regulate part of rents


O government of spain released on Tuesday, 5, a series of measures aimed at regulating the rents, within the framework of an agreement between the two parties of the left-wing coalition in power, which paves the way for the draft budget.

This package of measures was ratified at the end of tense negotiations between Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, of the center-left PSOE party, and his ally Podemos, further to the left. The project must be officially adopted on Thursday at the council of ministers.

Prime Minister Sánchez said the measure is an “unprecedented milestone in legislative action” and “will facilitate access to housing, especially for those most vulnerable to precariousness,” including young people.

On Twitter, Equality Minister Irene Montero, a member of Podemos and a strong supporter of this policy, said that “the law will force large landowners to lower abusive rental prices.”

“Public housing and protection against evictions. Guarantee housing as a right and deter vultures and speculators,” he added.