Star sapphire cluster found in Sri Lanka may be the largest in the world



A cluster of world star sapphires was found in a backyard in Sri Lanka. The stone is blue, weighs 510 kilos and is estimated to be worth around 84 million euros.

The stone was found by workers who were digging a well in the home of a man identified only by name. Gamage that you did not want to reveal your full name or your home location for security reasons.

It is only known that it is located in the city of Ratnapura — which means city of jewels in Sinhalese — an area rich in precious stones.

“The person who was digging the well warned us about some rare stones. We later stumbled upon this huge specimen”, explains Gamage, speaking to BBC.

The owner of the stone, who works with these valuable objects, has only now certified the discovery after having taken over a year to clean the stone, as it was covered in mud and other impurities.

During the process, some stones fell from the agglomerate and were identified as high quality star sapphires.

“I’ve never seen such a large species before. It was probably formed about 400 million years ago”, the gemologist describes to the BBC Gamini Zoysa.

“It is a special star sapphire specimen, probably the biggest in the world,” says Thilak Weerasinghe, the chairman of the Sri Lanka National Gem and Gem Authority. “Given its size and value, we think it will appeal to private collectors or museums,” he adds.

Experts also point out, however, that although the specimen has a high carat value, all stones within the cluster they may not be of high quality.

Last year, the country earned around half a billion dollars from the export of gemstones, cut diamonds and jewelry.

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