State of SP announces 11 new field hospitals to combat Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Units will be installed in nine AMEs and two hospitals located in eleven different cities

Roberto Casimiro / Estadão ContentsToday, similar services are already available in the Heliópolis favela, in Bauru, Franca and Bebedouro

The government of State of Sao Paulo announced, on Monday, 8, that it will open eleven field hospitals with 280 new hospital beds for primary care and ICU – 140 for intensive care and 140 for infirmary – until March 31. The units will be located in nine Specialty Medical Outpatient Clinics (AMEs) and two hospitals: AME Santo André, AME Andradina, AME Santos, AME Barretos, AME Botucatu, AME Campinas, AME Ourinhos, AME Tupã, AME Itapetininga, Lucy Montoro de Fernandópolis and São José Hospital in São Paulo. Today, similar calls are already being made against Covid-19 in the Heliópolis favela, Bauru, Franca and Bebedouro.

THE São Paulo State recorded an increase of 7% in cases and 17.8% in deaths by Covid-19 in the last epidemiological week (from 1 to 7 March) compared to the previous one (22 to 28 February). Hospitalizations grew 19% in the same period. This Monday, São Paulo has 2,117,962 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 61,584 deaths from the disease. The occupancy rate of ICU beds is 80% in the State and 81.2% in Greater São Paulo. Regarding the number of hospitalized patients, 8,427 are in the ICU and 10,622 in the ward – between confirmed and suspected cases.