Stolen truck invades condominium and residents are hastily removed in SP – Prime Time Zone


The Civil Police investigates the case and the Civil Defense was called; No one is hurt

GILDSON DI SOUZA / SECOM GOVERNO DE SÃO PAULOThe Civil Defense requested expert examinations to assess the conditions of the constructions involved in the accident

Residents of a condominium had to leave their home in a hurry, this Wednesday night, 2, after a refrigerated truck hit the wall that separates the building from a parking lot, on Avenida Mutinga, in Pirituba, in the North Zone of São Paulo. Paul. Nobody got hurt. According to the Military Police, the driver had lost control of the vehicle when entering the parking lot to maneuver, slipped into a ravine and invaded the condominium’s land. Inside the vehicle was located a signal blocker, with 12 antennas. The driver was not located and the Civil Police investigates the case. The owner of the truck, a 48-year-old merchant, informed the Military Police that the cargo of meat would be delivered in the municipalities of Osasco and Santo André and that he lost contact with his employee, who was responsible for the freight. The man has not been located. The Civil Defense attended the scene and requested expert examinations of the buildings involved in the accident.