Strike by CPTM employees harms passengers in SP; 4 lines are affected – Young Pan


Lines 9 – Emerald and 10 – Turquoise are not working; lines 7 – Ruby and 8 – Diamond circulate partially

Photo: FELIPE RAU/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – 07/15/2021 According to the president of CPTM, Pedro Teron Moro, despite the need, requesting the Paese operation is unfeasible

A Companhia Paulista de Tres Metropolitanos (CPTM) dawned on strike this Thursday, 14. The line 9 – Esmeralda is not working. the line 7 – Ruby is circulating between the Barra Funda and Caieiras stations, the 8 – Diamante between Barra Funda and Barueri and the 10 – Turquoise between Santo André and Tamanduateí. At these stations, integration takes place normally. The lines 11 – Coral, 12 – Sapphire e 13 – Jade were affected. CPTM employees are discussing in court the salary adjustment and, given the difficulties in negotiation, the union decreed the strike as of midnight today. The report of Young pan he was at the Grajaú station, in the south of the capital, where passengers gathered in the early hours of the morning, blocking the way. Despite the presence of military police, there was no record of fights or vandalism. At around 9:24 am, Avenida Senador Teotônio Vilela was still blocked.

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, the president of CPTM, Pedro Tegon Moro, appealed for employees to resume activities and not harm the population. “The transport sector was one of the most affected in the pandemic, with a significant drop in demand and revenue. At first, there was an 80% drop in demand. Today we operate with a 40% drop in revenue. This makes wage negotiation with the category unfeasible. Despite this, throughout the pandemic, there was no layoff or salary reduction. All received on time, above the average salary and with benefits.”

According to him, all legal measures will be taken and CPTM is awaiting a decision from the Labor Court. According to him, despite the need, request the operation country it is unfeasible. “Paese can’t handle such a great need. There are 180 kilometers of paralyzed line. Paese uses the residual fleet of bus companies to meet punctual journeys. There are 1.2 million passengers harmed.” Pedro Moro stated that SPTrans and EMTU promptly responded to requests for reinforcement in the region around the stations. In a statement, SPTrans said that “it determined the bus companies to maintain the operation of the operational fleet at 100% throughout the day.”